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Complimentary Wireless Internet
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At Kitsilano Suites, guests will enjoy the latest leading-edge internet connectivity. In an effort to provide the most reliable internet services available, all our suites feature complimentary wireless fiber optic internet service with high speed Wi-Fi. Ideal for business guests who will benefit from increased productivity with this new realm of digitization. Also perfect for people wishing to share photos and stream videos. A home with a fiber connection gets 24/7 dedicated bandwidth, so Internet speeds aren’t compromised by the Internet use of neighbors.

Currently, less than 10 per cent of North Americans have access to a fibre optic network. Fibre optic networks have virtually unlimited wireless capacities. One fibre optic cable the size of a pencil and made out of glass has the ability to carry an entire world’s amount of internet traffic. They are also not susceptible to damages from weather or storms, increasing their reliability and endurance. Since fiber-optic conductors are glass, they don’t generate electricity. Therefore, they are immune to most interferences that afflict copper cable wires, such as bad weather.

Most importantly, with a fiber-optic connection, data is transmitted via pulses of light. They can transmit greater amounts of data faster, and over greater distances than traditional copper cables. This means even if the kids are gaming, and your spouse is streaming online content in the family room, you can still use the Internet without delays. We also provide back-up internet services in an effort to eliminate any potential downtime with our primary ISP systems.

Our suites also feature HDTV supported by high speed fiber optic connectivity.